Frequently Asked Questions

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Question Can I have my run map from Barcelona in 2007 designed ? Or any other city and date ?
AnswerYes ! All the run maps are from your race, that’s the idea. What you can see on our website are just examples of our own races designed in different styles and colours.
Question What about the runner and race details on the map ? I don't want to display all of them or I want to add more.
AnswerEach Designer Style on our website has a preview of the details that can be used and customised. You can remove all of them and have only the route map displayed or have all of them below the map. It’s up to you. Layouts and most important info can be adjusted for you as well. Just let us know using the Customise Your Order form.
Question I don't know all my race details. Where do I find them ?
AnswerFirst of all, you don’t have to have all of them displayed. You decide and pick which one to use. Preview the personalisations here. The basic info we need is the run date and place. After receiving these, we should be able to find your race. Your finish time should be already on the event website, along with your BIB number. In most cases we will also be able to obtain the route elevation details. If you’re using a watch or phone app to track your run – that’s the place to find all your run details. We might ask you to supply a screenshot of your run or share the workout details with us.
Question I use Endomondo / MapMyRun / Strava / Garmin Connect / Nike+ or any other app to track my workout. Can I use the details from there ?
AnswerYes ! That’s the main place to find all the extended details from your race. We might ask you to share the workout with us or send us a screenshot. If you don’t know how to do it, we’ll help you.
Question I want my name / finish time / country or any other detail to stand out more. Can you do this ?
AnswerYes ! Just let us know which information is the most important to you when filling in the Customise Your Order form and we’ll make it the main detail on your run map.
Question Can the Run Map be in my own language ?
AnswerYes ! Just let us know when filling the Customise Your Order form.
Question Digital File ? Print only ? I want a frame as well...
AnswerWe have three options for you when ordering.

Digital File can be prepared to a custom size, so you can have it printed with your local printing company on any paper you want (even on canvas) and then use your own frame.

Print orders are for people having their own frames already prepared. We use high quality fine art paper for our prints.

Print and Frame option is a complete set prepared by us. All you have to do is to place your medal inside the frame and that’s it.